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Presenting, reporting, hosting & public speaking

Presenting for screen

2018 | SVB Insurance Bank | Presenter | For the online commercial of the famous Swiss bank. 


2014 - 2015 | REV Media Gouda TV | Presenter | This includes reporting and presenting documentaries, local news stories and events. Examples are:

  • "Monumentaal Gouda"

  • "In de aanloop naar... de route en meningen over de Sinterklaas intocht in Gouda" (Dutch translation: "In the run-up to....the route and opinions on the arrival of Saint Nicholas in Gouda". 

  • "Sinterklaas-aantocht December Gouda" (Dutch translation: "The Arrival of Saint Nicholas". 


2014 |The Price of Games | Presenter | a documentary NHTV Breda about the increasing amount of piracy taking over the gaming industry. 

Public speaking / Events / Live presenting

2015| ISE Exhibition Event | for the technology company Barco.

2015 | Auto Rai Car Exhibition Event | for the brand Honda (returned at the request of Honda)

2014 | Opening event of real estate Hollands Park | by Caimito. 

2014 | Auto Rai Car Exhibition Event | for the brand Honda.  


2013 | Radio Voice Presenting course | Parnassos Cultural Centre, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 

2011 | Broadcast News Reporting workshop | Open Studio, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 

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