About me

Hanser is a stage and screen actress, born and raised in the city Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her father is of Indonesian, Austrian, Dutch, and French descent and her mother of Indonesian, Polish, Dutch and German ancestry. Both were born in Semarang, Indonesia but moved to Europe at an early age. They are part of the so-called Indo-European community, a heritage from the colonization of Indonesia, formerly known as the Dutch East Indies.

At an early age, she already had a love for movies and says she learned English by "simply watching a lot of movies". The acting bug only kicked in at a much later age as she developed a passion for writing. She went off to pursue an impressive academic career before giving in to acting and studied International Business Management at The Hague University (BSc) and Anthropology and Journalism (MA) at the renowned Leiden University. Surviving college through jobs in modeling and hospitality, she says that studying gave her the opportunity to travel the world, and as a result she speaks several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German and French, in addition to her native Dutch and English.

She started growing more interest in acting and after several successful Dutch film projects like "Poolshoogte" (2014) she moved to London to train at the prestigious Drama Centre to obtain her third master degree in screen acting (MA). During this period she also joined theatre company People's Co. as an in-house cast member and featured in one of their biggest West End productions Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" (2019) taking on the role of fairy queen Titania at the Southwark Playhouse. She also performed on stage and toured around the UK with the Extreme Improv Comedy Club, directed by David Pustansky. It was around this time that she also became passionate about Flamenco dance which got her a part in the documentary "Andalusia" (2018).

After being featured in the movie "Before You Were Born" (2017) she also started training in filmmaking and screenwriting and soon co-wrote and produced projects like "Fallen from Grace" (2019). The horror film projects including Panic (2019) and Tormented (2019) became successful on London's film festival scene and appraised by the Raindance Film Festival. Being active in the martial arts and known for being a physical actress with stage combat and stunt performance background, Hanser was cast as the lead in the TV-series pilot "Parasitus" (2019) and the feature film "Blade of the Assassin" (2020) directed by Jopia Productions

At the moment Hanser is also active as Film Production Liaison Coordinator at ScreenSkills. In addition to continuing to pursue a career in film, she also advocates for more diversity and inclusion in the film industry, both on -as well as off screen. Hanser believes a change needs to take place for film and tv to become a representation of our society and give everyone a chance to work in film  regardless of ethnic, cultural or socio-economic background, age or (in)visible impairments.