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My name is Rebecca Hanser and welcome to my site. 

I am an actress professionally trained at Drama Centre London in Screen Acting (Stanislavsky, Method, Meisner and Chekhov). I have also worked as a stage actress for several years including  theatre, stage plays, dance performance and improv comedy. Furthermore, I have completed my training in MoCap at Target 3D and am now also active as an actor for Motion Capture Performance and Fight Stunts. 

My business is a hybrid of services that consists of two parts: the first is the performer's part and contains all my work in Acting, Modelling. Presenting & Hosting. The second part introduces Visualise Productions and is the part of my business that focuses on my work in filmmaking, directing, writing, producing, editing and videography. 

Here you can find an overview of clients I have had the pleasure to work with or am still actively collaborating with. 

Feel free to get in touch for any collaborations or consultation. I'd be happy to have a chat!

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Championship Taekwondo 1
Championship Taekwondo 2

Winning streaks at national Championship taekwondo

20 November 2023

Last Saturday hard work paid off at the Tao Sang Dao Taekwondo National Championship. I won 1st place for forms and 3rd place for sparring/free fighting. 

Feeling very proud and motivated to keep going onto the next level. 


A great night for the show "pigs" at the cockpit Theatre

11 November 2023

Last night was time for the show "Pigs!" to shine at the Cockpit Theatre, London! And boy did it shine! We performed in front of a sold-out venue and had an amazing time! 

The show has been recorded and will be available on demand as an audio radio-play soon. 

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the show!

Filmposter Third Life Crisis

official trailer for third life crisis is released!

15 November 2023

Today the official trailer for the upcoming short film THIRD LIFE CRISIS has been released. Please find the trailer below. 

This will be one of the first official projects produced by Visualise Productions. 

Thank you to writer Kadijha Kamara for your written talent and Adil Malik for a brilliant portrayal of Nikhil. More on this project comes online soon!

BTS Corporate shoot VED Media

BTS Corporate video shoot VED Media

4 November 2023

I was honoured to have been chosen to present a corporate staff video for ALLYSHIP in collaboration with VED Media. 

Results will come out soon. 

Halloween commercial

Halloween commercial released by Cloud Moves TV

3 November 2023

And here it is! The Halloween commercial from Cloud Moves TV. Feel free to check it out below!

Pigs! Promo poster for the stage play

Joining cast for stage play "pigs" 10th November 2023 @Cockpit theatre

2 November 2023

Very honoured to have landed a role in the immersive stage play "PIGS" written by Bang Crosby and produced by SWEINHAUS.


The performance will take place on Friday the 10th of November 2023 at 7.30pm at the Cockpit Theatre. I will take on the role of Leila. 

More information about the show can be found here. Please make sure to book your tickets in the link below. Can't wait to see you all there!

Behind the Scenes Halloween Ad Cloud Moves TV

Last-minute Halloween commercial ad with cloud moves tv

25 October 2023

In the run-up towards Halloween this year, I will be collaborating with Cloud Moves TV on a short Halloween Commercial ad. It will have horror written all over it. Happy Halloween! Check BTS and stills below. 

Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 20.02.55.png

Another best actress nomination for "ghosted" for the Birmingham film festival

22 September 2023

Birmingham Film Festival has announced their nominations and I got another nomination for BEST ACTRESS for the short film GHOSTED!!! 

The screening will takes place on Saturday the 18th November at 12.00pm in Block B at Millennium Point - Curzon Street Birmingham B4 7XG. 

For screening tickets please click this link

The winners of the awards will be announced will be announced at the Gala Award Ceremony on Saturday 25 November at the ICC. Get your Gala tickets here. 


"Ghosted" hitting film festival scene successfully

Ever since its release, the short film "GHOSTED" is doing a great job on the national AND international film festivals.

This is a list of all festivals for which we have been awarded, nominated, officially selected or received honourable mention for:

  • International World Film Awards - AWARD FOR BEST LGBT FILM (2023) UK

  • Worchester Film Festival (2023) UK 

  • Phoenix Shorts Film Festival (2023) USA

  • Darwin Aldridge Enterprise (DAE) Studio Film Festival (2023) UK

  • Rob Knox London Film Festival - HONOURABLE MENTION  (2023) UK

  • Wolverhampton Film Festival (2023) UK

  • Harrogate Film Festival (2023) UK

  • Mansfield Town Film Festival (2023) UK

  • Best Indie Film Awards - Official Selection (2023) UK

  • Playback International Film Festival - SEMI FINALIST (2023) UK

  • Lulea Internațional Film Festival LIFF Sweden (2023) SWEDEN

  • Big Picture Festival (2023) UK

  • City Film Festival Stockholm - BEST LGBT SHORT FILM (2023) SWEDEN

  • Golden Short Film Festival (2023) ITALY

  • Geelong Pride Film Festival (2023) UK

  • CKF International Film Festival (2023) UK 

  • Kalakari International Film Festival (2023) INDIA

  • We Make Films International Film Festival - HONOURABLE MENTION SEMI- FINALIST (2023) UK

  • Love Actually International Storytelling Showcase (2022) USA

  • First-time Sessions Filmmaker - Lift-Off Global Network (2022) UK

  • White Deer International Film Festival - AWARD FOR BEST SOUNDTRACK (2022) UK

  • Newham Film Festival - BEST ACTRESS NOMINATION (2022) UK 

  • Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions @ Pinewood Studios (2022) UK

The Witcher Season 3

The official release of the witcher season 3 (Netflix) 

7 July 2023

After months of labour, blood, sweat and tears, it's finally out! The latest season of the world renowned Netflix tv-series THE WITCHER. Starring Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, the new season will return in 2 parts.

Volume 1 consist of 5 episodes (release on 29 June) and the second volume will include episode 6 - 8 which will be released on 27 July 2023. 

With pleasure I worked on this season as a VFX production coordinator and this is my first tv-credit in this role. 

BTS Mcdonalds ad

On set for Mcdonalds commercial 

20 May 2023

Here is a BTS image of me on set for the commercial ad for Mcdonalds called "Chicken Nugget Worthy".


This was a collaboration with Rogue Films, directed by Sam Brown and produced by Polly Ruskin.


Stunt coordination was done by Pilgrim Stunts and choreography by Supple Nam. For the final result, please check the link below. 

International World Films Awards_edited.jpg

ghosted wins best LGBT award at International world film awards

5 May 2023

Another win for the short film GHOSTED as it claims the award for BEST LGBT SHORT FILM. Congratulations to the team once again for this achievement.


Awards and recognition keep rolling in but will never be taken for granted!

BTS short film Mark van Heusden

Bts short film director/writer mark van heusden

20 April 2023

Honoured to have been asked by Dutch writer/film director Mark van Heusden to have a small appearance in his upcoming short film (NDA). 

No type casting here but I am the PARTY GIRL of this scene! The short film is scheduled to premiere later this year.

City Film Festival StockHolm


5 March 2023

GHOSTED has won the award for BEST LGBT SHORT FILM at the City Film Festival Stockholm.


Congratulations to the whole team (cast & crew) for this lovely honour!

Best Actress Newham Film Festival

Best actress nomination for ghosted at the Newham film festival

6 February 2023

Such an honour to have been nominated for the award of BEST ACTRESS in GHOSTED at the Newham Film Festival. 

I might not have won the award but the nomination was a beautiful recognition of the work.

Blade of the Assassin


11 November 2022

The feature film BLADE OF THE ASSASSIN is delayed in post-production. The project started shooting late 2019 and was already postponed due to Covid lockdowns. 

Shooting was picked up early 2022 and continues to gradually hit the finish line end of 2023. 

BLADE OF THE ASSASSIN is a female action-led feature film by Jopia Productions, Movie Works International and Brainy Monkey Post-Production entirely shot in Oxforshire. Its release will be announced soon. 

Maria Glezelli_Milan Jewellery Week

Maria glezelli designs take over Milan jewellery week

29 September 2022

The latest jewellery designs of Maria Glezelli will be represented at the Milano Jewellery week. And guess who cover the lovely booklets?!

Thanks for the honour and the spotlights! For more of her work, please visit:

modelling for Maria glezelli jewellery

21 December 2021

I was chosen to be one of the models for the commercial campaign of jewellery designer Maria Glezelli. Her campaign toured all over Europe as she introduced the world to her artistically knitted collection of jewellery with a very strong, female-empowering message. 

For more of her work, please check her website:

Acting for arri studios ~ Screenskills

6 November 2021

During the Open Day at Arri Studios in light of the massive EXPLORE VIRTUAL PRODUCTION LANDSCAPE - project organised by ScreenSkills, I had to honour to be asked to perform as an actor for a demonstration with LED screens. 


Tribute to Frida screens at the Ashfield Art festival

28 May 2021

A TRIBUTE TO FRIDA will be officially shown at the Ashfield Art Festival in the Midlands. After the screening for it will now hit the officially festival scene. 

More to come soon!

A Tribute to Frida

Official screen of "a tribute to Frida" on

28 July 2021

I would like to invite you to the official online Screening Event of my short film "A Tribute to Frida" (2021) which will take place on Wednesday the 28th of July at 7pm (GMT). This event is organised and made possible by

In addition to the screening of the short film, there will be a Q&A with me and Paus TV CEO and Founder Rishi Kapoor on the topics of self-shooting and emerging female filmmakers.

If you are up for networking and film talks, then this is a must!

Please book your tickets below ->

Screening of "a tribute to Frida" combined with a live q&a with Rebecca Hanser

20 July 2021

The live screening of A TRIBUTE TO FRIDA will not only show the entire short film - there will be a live Q&A with me. I will be chatting with CEO Rishi Kapoor about not just the film also the industry and the upcoming surge of female filmmakers and better film roles for women in general. 

Tune in on 28th July at 7pm GMT either via my instagram  or the instagram of

Get your free tickets now in the link below!


5 January 2020

CHECK here the Making of the TV film PARASITUS. Proud to present the part where I was interviewed about my role as Sophia - the lead of this horror movie produced entirely in the Midlands.


Directed by Tony Jopia and produced by Country Star Productions. 

Q&A with Rebecca Hanser went wrong during interview photoshoot ~ bloopers!

1 September 2018

After the photo/video shoot with Artemistry Photography, a short interview took place that was suppose to be formal and professional. Instead it turned out to be something completely different. 

So, this one is posted for fun and makes absolutely no sense! But it sure makes for a good laugh!


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