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Let me introduce myself...

A wise woman once told me "a human being is capable of doing more than just one thing. So, don't

confine yourself to just one box". And there I went and started piling my "boxes". 


My first true love is without a doubt: writing. When thoughts, stories and ideas are materialised on

paper, it is like they have merged with reality and have come into existence. Everything I do or have

done in my career somehow always evolves around writing and storytelling. I wrote several shorts,

including "Panic", "Tormented" and "A Tribute to Frida" - all of them have been selected by several film

festivals including Raindance. Excited to share that many more projects will follow. 


Acting to me is storytelling through physical movement, using body, voice, emotions and memories.

I graduated from Drama Centre London (Central Sant Martins) at the University of the Arts with

main focus on professional training in Stanislavsky, Meisner and Chekhov and have ever since been

active for both stage and screen. My screen work encompasses many commercials and shorts like

"Before you were born" and "Ghosted" along with features like "Blade of the Assassin and "Parasitus".

On stage, I have been part of the improv comedy club XTREME IMPROV touring all over the UK

and The People's Company at the Southwark Playhouse, portraying Titania in Shakespeare's a

"Midsummer Nights Dream". 

My additional skills include Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing), dance (musical theatre, hiphop, Tango, Flamenco), fight stunt performance, stage and screen combat - all for which I have been trained on a professional level. I am also active as a fashion and commercial model - fortifying my passion for fashion and photography. 

Throughout the years, I became intrigued with the production side of things and have been active at ScreenSkills, Moving Picture Company and Cinesite earning my credits as VFX production coordinator for the internationally renowned Netflix tv-series THE WITCHER - Season 3, THE FAMILY PLA N (Skydance/Apple Studios) and THE UNION (Netflix). The experience in production over the years has accumulated in my very own company called VISUALISE PRODUCTIONS.


Other interests include social media where I can actively unleash my creative content skills and go absolutely crazy with video and photography content on fashion, travelling and films. 

RDH Photography
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