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Visualise Productions

VISUALISE PRODUCTIONS was born from years of multitasking and juggling different skills, jobs, roles, interests and hobbies.  It was always a dream to start my own business but I was never able to define or encapsulate what it would look like. Very soon something started to take shape and was destined to always remain a hybrid of my two roles: 1) performing (acting, stunt performance, presenting, public speaking and modelling) and 2) production (writing, directing, producing, post-production, videography and production coordination). This section of the website will be dedicated to work that I have also been involved with behind the camera. 


Here you can find some of the work I was involved with as creative or production crew aka - non-acting roles (director, writer, editor, camera, stylist and costumes). These clips have been published with permission from the respective production companies 

Production CV

This is the full overview of my work in production, journalism and filmmaking. This includes training and education over the years. 

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