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Fashion Show "Lost Souls"

Collection by designer Debora Lima 

Fashion Show La Visage UK

Extreme art and make-up competition 

Meghan Markle in Alison Jackson's "Double Fake" at Leicester Square Theatre

BAFTA-award winner and celebrity photographer Alison Jackson directed and produced the theatre show "Double Fake" that was staged at Leicester Square Theatre. The show was about celebrity look-a-likes and how far this trend can go.

Flamenco Dance

With Ilusion Flamenca, I participated to several dance shows including the "Dance Around The World"- festival at the Cecil Sharpe House and Feria de Londres. I also performed solo at The Ned London. 

For the short documentary film "Andalusia" I was featured to demonstrate and talk about my experience in Flamenco. 

Music Video D-Jukes "Birthday"

Hiphop star D-Jukes launched his music video for his song "Birthday". I was honoured and thrilled to be part of this project. 

Margery Belaruse at Pasley Park Theatre Festival

From the same director of A Midsummer Nights Dream, I was asked to perform as Margery Belaruse at the Pasley Park Theatre Festival. The performance with live-audience required a monologue on my fanatic obsession as peasant girl for Queen Victoria.

Lady Margery Belaruse.jpg